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Well, things have changed a lot. I'm a fine arts student now. Grandfather passed away months ago. It was much painful for him when he was alive, so I can't make a comment on that. I've been training at an atelier for three months, had chance to know many new people and had great time. I'm already starting to miss some of them.

Experiencing new/different things helped me on getting over my ex and other half-assed problems like that. It also helped me to see things differently. And a new story begins! There is much more rainbow-shit to tell but... Right now I'm pretty sick and feeling tired.

Oh right, decided to keep and update this account as usual so I can use this place as a portfolio in future, I guess.
Or if I encounter a more suiting place, I might just slip away. 

  • Listening to: Scott Matthew - Lithium Flower
  • Reading: Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni
  • Watching: Breaking Bad
  • Playing: Dota II
  • Drinking: Coke



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